If you are trying to smoke hookah for the first time, you would need some suggestions for a successful smoking session. But if you are an experienced hookah smoker, you would like to know some tricks for the same. There are many head shops in Peoria, Arizona that provides a variety of tobacco flavors and smoking instruments. If you are planning to host a hookah party or want to be a part of one such interesting session, here are some tips and tricks you can try to make best of the time:

  1. If you are fond of sweet flavors or like to perform new experiments, you can add some wine (around 2 inches) with water. It enhances the flavor of hookah, and at some extent, you can taste the wine while smoking.
  2. There are many things you can try with flavors. You can mix and match them, or you can add some mint to any taste you want to smoke. Mint adds a crisp and refreshing taste to any flavor of tobacco.
  3. You can mix some lemon or orange juice or any other raw fruit juice in the water in hookah glass. It would give you an ultimate new taste of smoking. You can also experiment with fruit skins by adding them to the water.
  4. To get the coldest smoke, you can keep the dry hookah pipe in freezer for 20 to 40 minutes before you start smoking session. You can also put some ice cubes in the water and let the water get ice-cold to have an outstanding experience of cold smoke.
  5. Almost every other hookah lover wants to make smoke rings. For that, you have to push the smoke out with your tongue in the center and make a not so audible puff from your lungs. At last, it requires some skills and practice to hold the smoke as well as control over the tongue.
  6. To get even burn on the tobacco, split the coal into 2 to 4 pieces and put it evenly on the foil. Plus, you can also try new poking patterns to get the best results of perfectly burning tobacco.